Awards & Accolades

The BMH Africa management and workforce reached a remarkable achievement of reaching a million lost time injury-free manhours at Venetia Mine. This milestone is a testament to the unwavering fortitude and commitment displayed by both management and employees to uphold the highest standards of zero harm in the workplace. It reflects the company's dedication to fostering a culture of safety, innovation, and professionalism.

Achieving such an impressive safety record requires a collective effort and a shared commitment to creating a work environment where each employee's well-being is prioritised. The million lost time injury-free manhours milestone not only underscores the effectiveness of safety protocols but also highlights the synergy between management and the workforce. This accomplishment stands as a beacon of success in promoting a safe and secure workplace, setting a commendable example within the industry. The BMH Africa team's dedication to zero harm and their commitment to excellence is truly commendable and deserving of heartfelt congratulations.