We boast over two decades of experience in construction of a variety of project in the public and private sectors.

Residential Construction:
  • Turnkey residential development: Plan design and construct residential developments that includes building and infrastructure construction
  • Multistorey housing development: Buildings containing multiple residential storey units, such as apartments, condominiums, social housing schemes or townhouses.
Commercial Construction:
  • Office Buildings: Structures designed for business operations, typically containing office spaces.
  • Retail Buildings: Buildings intended for commercial activities, such as stores and shopping centres.
  • Hotels: Structures providing accommodation services for travellers.
Industrial Construction:
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Buildings housing industrial production and manufacturing processes.
  • Warehouses: Structures designed for the storage and distribution of goods.
  • Factories: Facilities where goods are produced on a large scale.
  • Utility buildings: Facilities that houses utilities and utility control services.
Institutional Construction:
  • Educational Buildings: Schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals, clinics, and medical centres.
  • Government Buildings: Structures for administrative and governmental functions.
Recreational Construction:
  • Sports Facilities: Stadiums, arenas, and sports complexes.
  • Entertainment Venues: Theatres, concert halls, and amusement parks.
Cultural and Religious Construction:
  • Places of Worship: Churches, mosques, etc.
  • Cultural Centres: Museums, art galleries, and cultural institutions.
Green Building Construction:
  • Sustainable Construction: Focuses on environmentally friendly practices, energy efficiency, and the use of eco-friendly materials.
Modular Construction:
  • Prefabricated Buildings: Structures built using components manufactured off-site and assembled on-site.
  • Container Construction: Uses shipping containers as building modules.
Low and High-Rise Construction:
  • Single-Story Buildings: Structures with only one level, common in residential and small commercial buildings.
  • Mid-Rise Buildings: Multi-story buildings that are shorter than high-rises, often used for residential or mixed-use purposes.
  • High-Rise Buildings: Tall buildings with multiple floors, are often used for commercial or residential purposes.
Renovation and Retrofitting:
  • Renovation: Upgrading or improving existing buildings without significant alterations to the original structure.
  • Retrofitting: Adding new technologies or features to existing buildings to enhance performance, safety, or energy efficiency.
Mixed-Use Construction:
  • Mixed-Use Developments: Combining residential, commercial, and sometimes industrial uses within a single building or complex.