General Construction

General Construction embodies the cornerstone of our building endeavors, encompassing a diverse spectrum of projects. From residential and commercial structures to industrial facilities and infrastructure, it involves the skilled orchestration of various trades. BMH Africa integrates planning, execution, and management to transform designed concepts into tangible realities. Emphasising safety, efficiency, and quality, general construction serves as the bedrock for societal development, shaping the physical landscape and meeting the evolving needs of communities.

Design-Build Services:
  • BMH Africa offers both designing and constructing a project under a single contract. We streamline the process by allowing the construction company to oversee the entire project from inception to completion.
General Contracting:
  • BMH Africa is responsible for the overall management of a construction project. They hire subcontractors, source materials, and ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.
Government and Institutional Projects:
  • We have experience in working on government-funded projects, schools, healthcare facilities, and public infrastructure.
Residential Construction:
  • BMH Africa caters to the needs of homeowners for new construction, remodeling, and home improvement projects.
Commercial and Industrial Construction:
  • We offer specialised services for commercial and industrial clients, including warehouses, factories, and office buildings.