Engineering Design & Management

Our Engineering Design & Management harmonises innovative design with strategic oversight, ensuring seamless project execution. This dynamic fusion optimises functionality, efficiency, and sustainability, while proficiently managing resources, timelines, and budgets. The synergy between creative design solutions and effective project management establishes a framework for excellence in construction endeavors, fostering a balance between visionary conceptualization and pragmatic realization.

Project Management:
  • BMH Africa adds value through construction project management. It involves planning, coordination, and supervision of all project aspects, including scheduling, budgeting, quality control, and risk management.
Construction Consulting:
  • BMH Africa provides expert advice on various construction-related matters, including cost estimation, feasibility studies, and regulatory compliance.
Safety and Quality Assurance:
  • We ensure compliance with safety regulations and maintaining high-quality workmanship throughout the construction process.
Legal and Permitting Services:
  • BMH Africa assists clients in navigating the legal and regulatory aspects of construction, including obtaining necessary permits and approvals.
Pre-Construction Services:
  • We offer site analysis, permitting, budgeting, and scheduling before the actual construction work begins.