BMH Africa can design and supply infrastructure and civil construction solutions that play a crucial role in shaping the physical and social landscape of communities and the nation. We are well placed to assist municipalities in planning anlysing and design of sewer, roads, water and stormwater systems.

Transportation Infrastructure:
  • Roads and Highways: Construction and maintenance of road networks to facilitate the movement of vehicles and goods.
  • Bridges and Tunnels: Building structures that span rivers, valleys, or connect islands. Tunnels are constructed for passage through mountains or beneath bodies of water.
Water Infrastructure:
  • Water Supply Systems: Construction of water treatment plants, pipelines, and distribution networks to provide clean water to communities.
  • Wastewater Management: Building sewage treatment plants and infrastructure for the safe disposal of wastewater.
Energy Infrastructure:
  • Power Plants: Construction of facilities for the generation of electricity, including coal, gas, nuclear, and renewable energy sources.
  • Substation Buildings: A building that houses switch gear and electrical infrastructure.
  • Transmission Lines: Building networks of power lines to distribute electricity from power plants to end-users.
Railway Infrastructure:
  • Railway Tracks and Stations: Construction and maintenance of rail systems, including tracks, stations, and associated infrastructure.
Aviation Infrastructure:
  • Airports: Construction of airports, runways, terminals, and associated facilities to support air travel and cargo transportation.
Communication Infrastructure:
  • Telecommunication Networks: Building infrastructure for telecommunications, including the installation of fibre-optic cables, cell towers, and data centres.
Public Facilities:
  • Educational Institutions: Construction of schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Building hospitals, clinics, and medical centres.
  • Public Buildings: Construction of government offices, community centres, and cultural institutions.
Commercial and Industrial Construction:
  • Industrial Plants: Construction of manufacturing facilities, refineries, and processing plants.
  • Commercial Complexes: Building shopping malls, office buildings, and business parks.
Reservoirs and Dams:
  • Water Storage: Construction of reservoirs to store water for various purposes, including irrigation, drinking water supply, and hydro-electric power generation.
Environmental Infrastructure:
  • Environmental Protection Projects: Construction of projects aimed at environmental conservation, such as flood control, erosion prevention, and habitat restoration.
Renewable Energy Infrastructure:
  • Wind and Solar Farms: Construction of facilities to harness energy from wind and solar sources.
Smart Infrastructure:
  • Smart Cities: Integration of technology into urban infrastructure to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and quality of life.