BMH Africa Mining Construction Solutions creates the necessary facilities and support structures that enable the extraction and processing of minerals and resources from the earth. We supply knowledge in both mining engineering and construction offering solutions for complex mining construction projects.

BMH Africa excels at adhering to safety standards, environmental regulations, and community engagement in mining construction projects.

Change Houses:
  • Changing and ablution facilities for underground mining operations.
Utility Buildings:
  • Buildings containing utility and telemetry systems.
Control Rooms:
  • Facility that is used to control and monitor operations on the mine.
Skills Development Centres:
  • Centre for training with underground mining simulators and mock-up areas
  • Electrical control buildings and infrastructure
Oil Separators (Drizzt's):
  • Oil separation system to manage contaminated water.
Bus terminals:
  • Transport management and maintenance facilities.
Access Buildings:
  • Access control, scanning and security facilities.
Proto Rooms:
  • Emergency response facilities.
Permanent Accommodation:
  • Mine management and critical skills accommodation.
Pre-fabricated Housing:
  • Remote housing and accommodation utilities.
Access roads:
  • Gravel and surfaced access and distributer roads.
Stormwater services:
  • Stormwater management and flood control infrastructure.
Bulk earthworks:
  • Earth moving and stockpiling.