Oil & Gas

Oil and gas construction involves the planning, design, and construction activities related to the development of infrastructure for the exploration, extraction, processing, and transportation of oil and natural gas resources.

These projects are critical for the energy industry and BMH Africa offers specialised engineering expertise, advanced technologies, and adherence to stringent safety and environmental regulations. Here are key elements associated with oil and gas construction

  • Extensive networks of pipes for transporting oil and gas from extraction sites to processing plants and distribution centers.
  • Facilities that process crude oil into various refined products like gasoline, diesel, and petro-chemicals.
Storage Tanks:
  • Large containers for storing crude oil and refined products before distribution.
LNG Terminals:
  • Facilities for liquefying natural gas for storage and transportation.
Compression Stations:
  • Installations that increase the pressure of natural gas for efficient transportation through pipelines.
Power Plants:
  • Utilised for generating electricity from gas-fired turbines, often in conjunction with oil and gas extraction operations.