Musina Extension 8 Site 1

The Musina Extension 8 Site 1 project, located in Bergview East in Musina Ext 8, Limpopo, South Africa, stands as a transformative initiative undertaken for De Beers Venetia Mine, a pivotal component of the SIB project.

Weather Radar Station

The Venetia Weather Radar Project is situated south of Mapungubwe. The project marks a significant advancement in meteorological infrastructure for Venetia Mine.

Lynburn Office and Residential Development

The Lynburn Office and Residential Units Project in Lynnwood, Pretoria, is a comprehensive undertaking encompassing the construction of an office block alongside 17 residential units.

Skills Development Programme

The Changing Lives Forever - Skills Development Programme is dedicated to fostering skill development within the construction industry in Limpopo, South Africa.

Enterprise Development Programme

Enterprise development is an essential aspect of small business growth in South Africa. The country's small business sector plays a critical role in driving economic growth, job creation, and poverty reduction.

Site 4 Housing Project

The Musina Ext 4 Housing Project, a key initiative of De Beers Venetia Mine under the SIB Housing project, stands as a testament to olistic community development.

SIB Stores

The SIB Stores Project at Venetia Mine is an industrial construction project, focusing on the construction of a critical storage facility for materials and equipment essential to the Venetia Underground Project.

Banksman Cabin

The construction of the Banksman Cabin at Venetia Underground Mine represents a critical addition to the operational infrastructure. Tasked with overseeing the movements of the headgear, the banksman plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safe loading and unloading processes.

Vehicle Testing Station

The Musina Vehicle Testing Facility project stands as a successful endeavor in the reconstruction and enhancement of a vital infrastructure asset.

Matombo Office Block

The Matombo Office Block Renovation Project focused on the renewal of an existing office facility. This renovation endeavor aimed at rejuvenating the office block involved a multi-faceted approach, addressing various aspects to enhance both aesthetics and functionality.

Miniature Substation Bay at noise plant

The Miniature Substation Bay project at the noise plant on Venetia Mine involved constructing a concrete substructure for the miniature substation.

Mining Control Room Project

The Venetia Underground Project at De Beers' Venetia Mine in Musina, Limpopo, South Africa, has introduced a groundbreaking mining infrastructure project featuring a state-of-the-art Control Room.

Musina Maintenance Store

The Musina Maintenance Store project was focused on enhancing operational efficiency and infrastructure of the maintenance department of Venetia mine located in Musina Town.

Flax Street Housing Project

The Flax Road Housing Project, an integral component of the SIB Housing initiative by De Beers Venetia Mine, exemplifies a commitment to superior living standards for mine management.

Venetia Mine Entrance

The construction of the Venetia Mine entrance was a complex and vital project that aimed at enhancing accessibility, security, and functionality.

Mine Building Project including Change House, Proto Room, Lamp Room and Laundry

The Venetia Underground Project, situated in Musina, Limpopo, South Africa, marks a significant milestone in mining infrastructure development by De Beers.

STP Mudline and Tank Piping Pipeline

The STP Mudline and Storage Tank Pipework Project encompassed the installation of 852 meters of 100NB galvanized pipework.

22KVA Electrical Transmission Line

The construction of a 5km, 22kVA electrical supply line to Musina Ext 8 involved the meticulous excavation, compaction, bedding, and backfilling processes.

Venetia Skills Development Centre

The Venetia Underground Project at De Beers' Venetia Mine in Musina, Limpopo, South Africa, has commissioned BMH Africa to construct Skills Development Centre.

Substation 17 project

The Substation 17 Construction Project serves as a crucial satellite substation, intricately connected to the larger Substation 21 project, both accomplished by BMH Africa.

VM Diamonds Bus terminal

The VM Diamonds Bus Depot project provides maintenance and support for the bus transport company. This comprehensive initiative involves the construction of essential infrastructure for the upkeep and operational support of the bus fleet.

Sandvik and Normet Store upgrade

The Sandvik and Normet Store Upgrade at Venetia Mine represents a significant project focused on enhancing the storage facilities for the operational material and equipment of Sandvik and Normet.

Blouberg Water network construction

The Blouberg Rural Water Networks Design project in Alldays, is part of BMH Africa’s CSI initiatives.  The project was aimed to engineer and implement water networks inn remote areas, providing access to potable water in rural communities where none existed.

Medical Centre design

The Design of the Medical Centre in Alldays exemplifies a commendable Corporate Social Investment (CSI) project aimed at addressing healthcare needs in rural areas.

Mudzwiri Lodge

The Mudzwiri Lodge Project in Musina is a comprehensive initiative that involved both the upgrade of existing lodge units and the planning and design of 16 additional lodge units on the lodge premises.

Malapa Village Housing Construction

The Malapa Housing Complex in Musina stands as a testament to innovative urban planning and engineering in residential development.

Starling Complex Housing Construction Project

The Venetia Guest House Housing Project stands as a testament to meticulous planning, safety, and quality in residential development.

Substation 21 Project

The Substation 21 Construction Project stands as the vital electrical nucleus of the Venetia Underground Project, serving as its electrical heartbeat.

Ridge Road Construction

The Ridge Road Construction Project in Musina involved the construction of road infrastructure using imported materials from commercial sources in the layer works.

Levine Road Construction

The Levine Road Construction Project was as a community-driven initiative aimed at enhancing road infrastructure in Musina.

Powertech Transformer Manufacturing Facility

The upgrade of the Powertech Transformer Manufacturing Facility in Pretoria West represents a transformative project aimed at bolstering manufacturing capabilities.

Kinsenda Copper Mine Project

The construction of mining support infrastructure for Kinsada Mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo represents a remarkable project executed under challenging conditions.

Mine security and scan building

The construction of the Mine Security and Scan Building at Venetia Mine represents a pivotal project serving as the primary entrance point to the mine.

Core drill Storage Facility

The Core Drill Storage Facility stands as a critical asset supporting exploration and production planning activities by housing core rock drill samples.

Kusile Diner Construction

The Kusile Diner Project, integral to the Kusile Power Station in Witbank, encompassed the construction of a cutting-edge dining facility.

Venetia Housing Phase 2

The Venetia Phase 2 Housing Project in Musina Ext 14 is a testament to thoughtful planning, quality construction, and community integration.

Gymnasium Upgrade

The Commercial Gymnasium Facility project in Musina signifies a significant advancement in sports and recreation infrastructure.

Venetia Housing Phase 1

The Venetia Phase 1 Housing Project in Musina, located in Ext 14, stands as a testament to meticulous planning and quality construction.

Bara Lodge

The construction of Bara Lodge Hotel Facilities stands as a magnificent project, transforming the Barra Lodge Beachfront into a holiday haven.