Leadership Team

Christoff Pretorius (Managing Director)

Christoff Pretorius is a visionary leader and accomplished professional with a Civil Engineering degree from the University of Pretoria (1998) and an MBA from North-West University (2005). Serving as the Managing Director at BMH Africa, he leads the company through his expertise in leadership, management, and technical knowledge.

Christoff's strategic vision and innovative thinking have been pivotal in transforming BMH Africa into a highly professional construction company, dedicated to continuous improvement in a competitive business landscape. Christoff pioneered the "Changing Lives Forever Skills Development Programme" that trained and developed individuals in various construction trades. Another groundbreaking initiative Christoff developed was the Enterprise Development Programme in Musina imparting business skills to local SMME's. His core capabilities lie in providing inspirational leadership, strategic management, project execution planning, comprehensive feasibility analysis, and formulating effective business strategies, all contributing significantly to BMH Africa's achievements and ongoing growth in the construction industry.

Christoff's remarkable skills and commitment to excellence are evident in his ability to provide inspirational direction to BMH Africa, positioning it for continued success and innovation in the construction industry.

Eben Beetge (Director)

Eben Beetge is a seasoned professional, having earned his Civil Engineering degree from the University of Pretoria in 2001. Complementing his academic achievements, he holds an Honours degree in Water Infrastructure from the same institution. As the head of the design department at BMH Africa, Eben plays a pivotal role in shaping the company's projects.

Danie Esterhuizen (Operations Manager)

Danie Esterhuizen, serves as the Operations Manager for BMH Africa. Danie has a wealth of experience in construction project management. Holding a strong foundation in planning and management, Danie's practical approach is a cornerstone for the effective execution of diverse construction projects undertaken by the company.

Danie's journey in the construction industry has been marked by his commitment to operational excellence. With a hands-on approach, he brings a practical perspective to project execution, ensuring that the construction management teams deliver projects efficiently and with precision.

His expertise lies in orchestrating seamless project workflows, from inception to completion. Danie's meticulous planning skills play a pivotal role in coordinating various aspects of construction projects, ensuring timelines are met, resources are optimised, and quality standards are upheld.