Company History

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BMH Africa was formed in 2008 to be a versatile and professional construction company with in-house design capability. The company specializes in infrastructure construction, design and project management.  BMH Africa provides a comprehensive solution for infrastructure delivery to our clients across Africa.

Our projects includes general building work, steel structure construction, concrete work, pipe work and earthwork.  BMH Africa completed projects in Mozambique, Angola, DRC and South Africa and the goal is to expand into the rest of Africa.

What the company does

BMH Africa provides construction and design services for various kinds of infrastructure, mining, housing, and road projects.  The core skills retained in BMH Africa focuses on the design management and construction of infrastructure in the mining, residential and commercial sectors.  BMH Africa is capable of managing and executing construction projects across a wide spectrum of industries.

BMH Africa’s engineers and project managers specialize in projects such as mass housing and infrastructure provision including water networks, sewer networks, integrated storm water management and transportation.

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Vision statement

Mission statement

BMH Africa aims to provide safe, professional and sustainable service by working tirelessly to achieve our projects safety, time, quality and cost goals.

BMH Africa employs quality personnel in core skill areas to support our vision.  Our people are our biggest asset and is the core contributor of the creation of value for our clients.  We put safety first as the cornerstone of our sustainability.  We expand our skills base and continuously improve to deliver a sustainable services and projects, always with integrity and always with a smile.

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OUR CORE VALUES describe the way in which we act and conduct ourselves. Our core value actively influence our behavior and we strive to live by it.

Working Safely

We recognize that our people are our biggest asset.  The safety of our people is our most important value.  We work safe for ourselves for our families and for our company. Safety coincides with production and quality and is the cornerstone of our sustainability.


To be successful, we encourage our people to reach their potential. We work with our clients as a team. Mutual respect provides the foundation for our success.

Proudly BMH

We remain true to our founding values of quality, honesty and hard work.

Committed to our projects

We are proactive in finding solutions for our clients that will best achieve their goals. To expand the parameters of our service by valuing our project above our own short term objectives.

Business goals & objectives

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We want to collaborate with strategic clients and focus on the delivery of a safe and superior service thereby creating a sustainable business model.

We want to expand our exposure in the mining and public sector thereby adding to its portfolio of clients.

Business strategy

We follow a strategy of strategic collaboration by forming strong links with scarce resources so that we build our skills base and continuously improve our service to our clients.  Our network of collaborators is the strength of our company.  This strategy ensures economic longevity.

Economic intent

It is our economic intent to maximize the profit for our shareholders.

Management & Ownership

Management structure

There are three divisions within BMH Africa.  They are:

  • Marketing and New Business – focussing on marketing, client liaison and new business generation
  • Project Management – focussing on the planning, leading and controlling of projects
  • Technical – focus on the technical design and implementation of projects
Management structure
Ownership Structure

The BMH board consists of two members.  The members and shareholding are as follows:

Mr. Eben Beetge

Eben is a professional civil engineer specializing in infrastructure design.  He holds an honors degree in water resources and has over 10 years design experience.  He heads the technical division at BMH and holds a stake of 33% of the Closed corporation.

Mr. Christoff Pretorius

Christoff is a professional civil engineer specializing in project and contract management.  He has over 12 years’ experience and has been involved in major housing projects and developments.  Christoff heads up the project management division in BMH.  Christoff holds 33% of the closed corporation.

Affirmative action initiatives

BMH supports the BEE Act of 2003.  BMH’s companies' empowerment progress is measured in four areas:

  • Direct empowerment through ownership and control of enterprises and assets.
  • Management at senior level.
  • Human resource development and employment equity.
  • Indirect empowerment through:
  • preferential procurement,
  • enterprise development, and
  • Corporate social investment (a residual and open-ended category).